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Translating stem cell biology and genome engineering into novel therapies and industrial biotechnology solutions


We overcome current limitations of stem cell research to advance discovery of novel therapeutics and industrial biotechnology products.

We use induced pluripotent stem cell and genome engineering technologies to build the next generation of disease models for drug discovery and regenerative medicine as well as cellular models that emulate the human senses.

As progressive translational research-hub we forge strategic partnerships with industry partners and translate academic achievements and ideas into industrial solutions and products under one roof.

ISAR announces collaboration agreement with LDC

Combining our leading stem cell and genomic engineering know-how to generate next generation disease models with LDC’s proven integrated drug discovery capabilities and global industry network will further diversify our portfolio and serve our mission to translate scientific breakthroughs into therapies.

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ISAR announces collaboration agreement with Assay.Works

Combining our leading stem cell and genomic engineering know-how to generate next generation disease models with Assay.Works’ extensive industry experience in High-Throughput Screening (HTS) and therapeutics discovery technologies will expand and diversify our portfolio and increase ISAR’s bandwidth.

Press Release / Assay.Works

ISAR Translational R&D project competition

ISAR award 2019: Winner of the ISAR translational R&D project competition

Dr. rer. nat. Sarah-Christin Staroßom, Institute for Medical Immunology, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. ISAR Bioscience is committed to translational R&D in the field of applied stem cell and regenerative medicine research. It is our pleasure to announce that Dr. rer. nat. Sarah-Christin Staroßom is the recipient of the ISAR Award 2019.

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build “The Next Generation of Cell Models” based on reprogramming of somatic cells to disease-relevant cell types, tissues and organoids


enhance discovery and development of effective medicines as well as bioactive molecules for industrial biotechnology applications


enable and support personalized and regenerative medicine solutions

About Us

ISAR was founded by scientists, drug discovery professionals, and science entrepreneurs. We share the passion that immediate translation of scientific discoveries offers an unprecedented opportunity to discover and develop effective pharmaceutical therapeutics as well as industrial biotechnology products and at the same time enhance economic productivity of knowledge societies.

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Our charitable trust “StemCellRegMed Foundation” attracts donations and other financial support from donors and founders. Funds are spent according to the statutes to enhance therapeutics discovery and drug development by advancing applied stem cell and regenerative medicine research.

The “StemCellRegMed Foundation” served as founding body of ISAR Bioscience GmbH. Business activities of ISAR Bioscience are compliant with the statutes of the foundation and translates break-through scientific achievements into medications and therapies for patients with urgent medical needs. ISAR bridges the gap between cutting edge academic research and applied industrial R&D under one roof and attracted an initial 20 Mio € funding from the Free State of Bavaria to enhance economic productivity of knowledge societies.

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